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The Gray Rainbow Foundation Programs

As men age in the LGBTQA community, they face certain challenges.  The programs that The Gray Rainbow Foundation focuses on are designed to assist with those special challenges that are unique to the men aging in the LGBTQA community. The Gray Rainbow Foundation has three initial areas of focus.  These three areas of focus were selected based on recurring themes that were discovered in conversations with aging LGBTQA men.

Next Chapter Program

The Next Chapter Program is a program that focuses on men who have been married for a long period of time and are either widowed or divorced and are now finding themselves embracing their feelings and self-identifying as LGBTQA.  The Next Chapter Program will offer a safe environment and support system to assist men with transitioning into this new chapter of their lives. The Next Chapter Program will also assist those who have been living as self-identified members of the LGBTQA community, but now find themselves alone via the ending of a long relationship.

Legacy Program

The Legacy Program offers various types of assistance.  The Legacy Program offers participants a vehicle in which to share and tell their life story.  Through the Legacy Program, participants are able to sit down with an experienced interviewer for a videotaped, candid in-depth discussion which chronicles their life, where they have been, where they are going and for what it is they would like to be remembered. Those that participate in the program will have their story featured on the social media platforms  

The Legacy Program will also assist with estate planning for those program participants with no apparent heirs.  The program will offer participants assistance with the preparation of the necessary documents for the donation of their real and personal property to the Foundation  for furtherance of the Foundation's mission. 

Fond Farewell Program

The Fond Farewell Program assists indigent members of the aging LGBTQA community and their families with burial and funeral expenses.  The Fond Farewell Program will work with the surviving family members and funeral homes to assist with reasonable expenses related to cremation, burial and obituary printing.  Additionally, the Fond Farewell Program will also offer assistance with fundraising efforts on behalf of the indigent party.  The Fond Farewell Program will also offer assistance with life tribute writing for publication and assist with memorial tribute video production. 

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