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About the Nu Hope Program

The Nu Hope Program is designed to help members of the Nu Towne Community who regularly support and patronize Nu Towne Saloon.  Those members of the Nu Towne Community who are facing astronomical hardships and are in dire need of help can use the Nu Hope Program as a last resort resource to tap into to restore hope and pull themselves out of desperate situations.

Support the Nu Hope Program

Register Your Fry's Card to The Gray Rainbow Foundation

Submit Nomination for the Nu Hope Program

Fill out the form below to nominate someone for the Nu Hope Program.  The nomination must be from a third party and not the potential recipient.  Once the information is received, it will be reviewed and evaluated by The Gray Rainbow Foundation and a determination will be made if the situation is astronomical or dire enough to warrant intervention by the Nu Hope Program.  In order to qualify for assistance from the Nu Hope Program the recipient must be a member of the Nu Towne Community and be a regular patron of Nu Towne Saloon since the change of ownership.

Thanks for submitting!

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